March 1, 2010

Magnificent Monday


Last month we decorated our Calendar board for Valentine's Day. Now, thanks to the kids, it's all decked out for St.Patrick's Day.


The kids love doing this now. They want to do it every month.

So now it's your turn. Go and make something beautiful. Go put make-up on, shine your sink, whatever it takes to make Monday Magnificent. Then, come back here and link up with me to share what you did!


  1. My kids would love that, I never think enough ahead to buy decorations. We have family Christmas photos from several years past decorating our bulletin board.

  2. I love your bulletin board!

    My 10 year old was doing creative writing and she was supposed to write about a special event this month. She asked if there was one and I said we were making cookies on St. Patrick's Day. She told everyone so I'm committed now :)


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