October 27, 2007

Kelsea's Birthday

My lovely little girl has turned into a young lady. She's 13 now. I can hardly believe it!!! She's having a little party to celebrate this big milestone. Several giggling gabbing young ladies will be gracing my house in a few short hours. I remember feeling so grown up when I turned 13!

When I turned 28 my mom asked if I started mourning my 20's yet. I didn't then but I am now. Having a 13yo daughter really changes how old you feel. Not that I'm feeling haggard or anything but I can't believe that I'm not even out of my 20's and already I'm mom to a 13yo. I will only be in my 30's when I start experiencing "empty nest syndrome."

On the bright side I will be in my 30's when all the kids move out! I do look forward to those days. Leon and I have never experienced marriage without children in the home. It will be exciting and new. Something more to look forward to.

I do love having a 13yo. She is becomming more and more companionable. We laugh and joke, make fun of eachother and sometimes just sit and talk about "stuff." I have a fabulous relationship with my daughter. I only hope to always be so close to her.