December 14, 2007

Family Portrait

The Baker Family

I love this picture. Every time I look at it I'm reminded of how truly blessed I am.

December 1, 2007

I am Legend

Leon took me to the movies today. He took me to see "I am Legend." The problem is, he already went to see the movie with Mr. Dale. It's really irritating when someone has already seen the movie and you ask, "Does he die?" but you don't really want to know. Only you know that he is the type of person who would want to know and would therefor tell you if you ask.
Anyway, he kept building up this move. Telling me how the movie "got him" and how often he jumped. He just had to take me. I think he wanted to be beside me so I would jump into his arms. Even knowing the truth, I went anyway. What can I say? I'm a sucker for anything Will Smith. I also like end of the world type movies. I'm fascinated by them. Drawn to them like a moth to a flame. He also bribed me with popcorn and coke. I was sold.
It turned out to be a fabulous movie. Absolutely fabulous. I don't recommend it for the squeamish or faint of heart. I certainly spent the hour and a half squeezing the life out of Leon's arm. I was shaking from the strain of trying not to scream in the theater. Sometimes it's fun to live in suspense. Especially when your big hunka burnin' love is sitting beside you and you KNOW he's not afraid of anything.
The drama part of the movie was very touching. And Smith's daughter (I heard it was his real daughter) was adorable. I cried a river.
I did walk away with some questions...
1. Why didn't the "darkseekers" eat all the lions and deer? I'm sure they stink. It's an island, for cryin' out loud. Where could the animals possibly hide?
2. Why on earth was he moving at such a snail's pace when he was trying to get back to the car. Hoping someone would come along and help??? Adrenaline much? Move FASTER!!!
3. I have plenty more but don't want to give away too much of the movie...just in case anyone is also weak for Will Smith.
So now...I'm sitting here and can't stop thinking about the movie and what I would have done...and I'm totally screwed...I'm at work...3rd shift...all alone...and it's dark outside...what was that?...who's watching me?...darkseekers anyone?...YIKES!!!