March 11, 2010

Thursday Tips - Table Care

Coffee with Me Thursday Tips

Do you use a table cloth? You should. It protects the surface of your table and keeps it looking new.


This table cloth is *ahem* on it's way to the wash (please ignore syrup from breakfast). It's made from oilcloth and extremely durable. I have a few that I rotate out as the other is washing. The kids also use wipeable place mats to extend the washing time of the tablecloths.

It may seem like a bit of a nuisance. But with such a durable no frills kind of cloth, it's really no fuss at all.


See? Nice and new. I've had this table for a few years now. Not a scratch or a ding on it.

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  1. We use tableclothes too! However, we use them to hide the table, not protect it, lol. It's over 20yrs old and has a LOT of dings, scratches and even a kid (or two's) initials carved into it.

  2. LOL I'm like Kelly. Currently my tablecloths hide my ugly table. It needs to be refinished on top. But I totally recommend tablecloths. Clean up is easier too!!

    Thanks for linking up with Thursday Tips!!


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