March 16, 2010

Blog Trail Tuesday - Lots of Blog Love


This is a brand new blogger in the homeschool world. I thought I'd reach out and give her some blog love.

Home Schooling Wasn't the Plan

This next blog is fun. I honestly don't remember how I found her. I have a slight Superman Obsession (my Blogger profile says, "I am Supermom. Okay...I try") so I thought her blog was adorable! Her name is Amanda too so that gives her more cool points. She's another busy mom, just like myself, trying to keep her sense of humor while balancing all the different roles we mom's play.

Confessions  o fa Wannabe Supermom

So visit these ladies and share the blog love. If you want to join in on all this lovin' visit Melissa at Coffee With Me and link up!

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  1. I enjoyed checking out her blog, Mandy! Thanks!


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