March 4, 2010

Spring Awakening -A Review


I went to the theater with my good friend Amy last night and saw Spring Awakening. It was a great show! Teenage angst set to the tone of great music, what can go wrong?

The story is set in 1890's Germany. The play is a bit dark and anti-parent, but it fits the time period. Mostly the parents turn a blind eye to the troubles of adolescence; while the kids fumble along in a world of self discovery. They have no one to turn to for answers to their questions as the adults all condemn all "impurities". Young Wendla doesn't even know where children come from and when she asks she's told to "shut it and put on a proper dress". While, in school, Moritz turns to his friends for answers about women, love, and sexuality only to find he's even more confused. Wendla and Melchior vow to create for themselves a new world where there is more freedom of expression, but life becomes an obstacle.

The show was excellently casted and the music was right on! I will say, this play is not for everyone. Many people I know would be offended by even the nature of it. But I had a great time and would see it again in a heart beat!

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