February 16, 2010

Blog Trail Tuesday


Today's Share a Blog goes to Heidi at Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers. I haven't read her book yet, but I do keep up with her work days of the week. And I read her blog regularly.

Monday - Laundry Day
Tuesday - Town Day
Wednesday - Kitchen Day
Thursday - Office Day
Friday - Cleaning Day
Saturday - Garden Day

Following these days, helps me pace myself. The housework gets done over time. Somedays Laundry Day overlaps Town Day. But the bulk of the Laundry was done on Monday. It's a really good feeling. And sometimes I'll put something off till the right day. Last week I needed to make butter and laundry soap. I put it off until Kitchen Day. Otherwise, I get too sidetracked and don't focus on what needs to be done that day. I like the routine it gives us.

My kids like knowing what chores we will focus on each day. Sometimes, they will even get up and get started on their part. They know once school and work is done, they have the rest of the day for free time.

Heidi shares some great tips and ideas for homemaking on her blog. It's also a fun little blog with a cute layout. Check her out! I can't wait to order her book!

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  1. I read her book when she first wrote it. I still need to get a copy and get back into that routine. It's a great book!

    Thanks for linking up with Blog Trail Tuesday!!


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