February 4, 2010

Review: Where is God by Dr. John Townsend

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My first Booksneeze book! Hooray!


Where is God?

This purpose of this book is to answer the hard question of "Where is God" when life is disappointing and difficult. The answer is that God is right there in the thick of it all no matter how distant he may seem.

The author Dr. John Townsend (co-author of the book Boundaries) gives some good answers for hard questions. I think he offers some good visual pictures and scenarios. I think he does challenge the reader to rise to a higher faith. Faith in God and the unanswerable questions. We should still look to God even when bad things happen and are beyond our control. I agree with him whole heartedly.

A few of his analogies were lost on me. Also, I think Dr. Townsend qualified himself as a psychiatrist too many times. "As a psychiatrist..." I think this alienates the reader to a large degree. Almost like not being a psychiatrist makes one a different (possibly lesser?)species.


The book was okay. I did enjoy reading it.

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  1. I don't think I'll be buying this one. Thanks for the review!!


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