February 25, 2010

Thursday Tips --- an IT box.

Coffee with Me Thursday Tips
This is my tip for all the other techies out there just like me. I was inspired to share it with you when I needed to put the software and user manual for my Workforce away.

This is my IT box. I keep everything I'll ever need to network, repair, or just tune up my equipment. As you can see it needs to be organized a bit.

I cleaned out all of the stuff I no longer need, (like my old printer software/manual and old tax software), before I put it all back in the box. In that plastic bag are my small telephone cords, extra chargers for ipods (we don't plug them all in at once) and other smallish cords.

At the bottom of my box are all of my big cables, miscellaneous cords, and a spare surge protector. I've learned that sometimes a cable will just go bad. It's good to have backup.

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