February 7, 2010

Garden Babies

We started our babies today. I was supposed to do this yesterday, but went hiking instead.


This year I'm making our garden more of a homeschool experience. They will each tend their own pot and prune, stake, and harvest their own plants.

You can see here that each yogurt cup is labeled with a bit of masking tape.

So far we have 3 different types of tomatoes.
Cherry Tomato
Early Girl
Super Boy

I wanted to be sure to get one really good harvest from one type for tomato sauce and then the other ones will be for our weekly/daily use in salads, tacos, or whatever.

We also have some peppers and marigolds planted here. Last year I made the mistake of getting the really tall marigolds and we didn't see any flowers until harvest was over. I'm hoping the marigolds will attract the ladybugs. :D


  1. I would love to hear your ideas for gardening as a homeschool project. My kids are young and I have anything but a green thumb, but I dream of us having a wonderful garden someday...


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