January 19, 2010

Share A Blog


 Rich Davis has a neat blog:  http://richdavis1.wordpress.com/. The kids and I have had fun reading through his old posts and trying out his drawing techniques.

I found this blog when I was looking at a pretty cool game called Pick and Draw created by Rich Davis. It looks like a lot of fun and it's right up our alley. We love games. Especially games we can play and count as school work.


  1. Thanks for sharing about my blog! I have a passion for kids (and adults) to enjoy exploring creative outlets and find their own unique expression.
    Our society is not very condusive to true creative experiences. I think this must be due the demand of our society to "have it quick". That makes "exploring" have a stress to it cause you have to find it quick...often leading to frustration. That's a shame...creating is fun and gives back so much to all of us.
    Glad your sons are enjoying the exercises and hope it will open them up more and more to keep creating things and enjoy it.
    rich davis
    I too think Pick and Draw would provide them with hours and hours of creating and having fun....there are over 60,000 cartoon face combinations ....
    better have lots of paper and a pencil sharpener handy!
    Have fun!

  2. Thanks Mr. Davis, for stopping by! I agree with you and what kid doesn't want to express himself in cartoon? I hope that this is a past time my boys will take with them as adults and share with their own children as well.

    Thanks for sharing tips and tricks on your blog. We look forward to playing your game soon!

  3. Another cool find. THANKS Amanda! I'll save this for another time I need a reward. ;)


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