January 13, 2010


Don't Eat Cereals That Change the Colour of the Milk: Unlikely but Brilliantly Simple Rules That Will Change the Way You Eat

This is a British news site so the spelling might be colourfully different. The article is written by Michael Pollan who wrote In Defense of Food and his latest book, Food Rules. For the most part I agree with these "rules".

The whiter the bread the sooner you'll be dead. I've heard this one before and with all the information out there now about good carbs v/s bad carbs this one is a pretty obvious. I love my whole grain bread. I would love to start making my own bread one day. Ever since we switched from white bread to whole grain 5 years ago, I find white bread very unappealing.

Don't eat cereals that change the colour of the milk. I haven't tasted Fruity Pebbles in 7 maybe 8 years.

Avoid foods grandma wouldn't recognize. The list gets a little redundant with "don't eat processed foods." I get it. Fake food is bad for you. And my generation was conditioned to appreciate fake flavors in candy, drinks, cereal, and *shudder* imitation flavors used for baking.

Shop at the edges of a super market. I both agree and disagree with this statement. There are plenty of good whole staple foods in the center isles. But the ideal is the same as above. Avoid processed "quick" meals.  I cook from scratch as often as possible, including making my own cream of chicken soup for casseroles.

Include some pre-digest food. I do like yogurt and need to eat it more often.

Buy Smaller Plates and Glasses. Oh man. We do love our portions here. I've been working on eating NORMAL amounts of food. I've had to stop myself a few times and think about my portion sizes. Do I really need more than a cup of macaroni? Do I need to eat 2 hot dogs? Just because I can? Just because I want to feel full? Do I really need to eat dinner twice by going back for seconds?

Eat like the French, Japanese, Italians, or Greeks.  I read a book once: French Women Don't Get Fat. The book appealed to me. It was a very good read and one I think I'll pick up again very soon.

Try not to eat on your own. I am bad about this one. It's easier to get the kids fed and cleaned up before I fix my own plate. Leon is often home too late at night to wait dinner for him. Sometimes I wait to eat until he gets here so he doesn't have to eat alone. Many times I feed the kids. Have dinner myself. And then feed Leon when he gets home. I need to make a point of having dinner at one time or the other. Not by myself.

Finally, break the rules once in a while. Not a rule I struggle with, but one I like. ;-)

I have a ticker in the sidebar. I'm working very hard at limiting my portion sizes, walking, and drinking plenty of water. So far I'm having success.


  1. The cereal one is funny. It's such an obvious thing to me but one that others just go HUH about.

  2. Those sound great! We need to implement them more around here, that's for sure! ;-)

    Hey, speaking of eating right. Do you know what the website address is of, I think Stacy (?)on HK, who had the maple farm with her hubby (they sold maple syrup, etc.? I had it in my favorites on my computer, and that computer is dead at the moment and I'm on my dd's laptop. If you find out for me, stop by my blog and let me know. Thanks! :D

  3. Mandy, I struggle with the eating alone thing. I cook, help the littles, oh the baby needs to nurse and bam! everyone is fed but me.

    I love the smaller plates idea.

  4. I don't eat the colored cereal because of the costs. We would go through 2 boxes of cereal in 1 meal... if'n I'd let'em. I don't even buy it anymore...

    Let's see -- I buy coffee -- and it's on the inside aisle. And paper towels... LOL But you are right... most of the good stuff is on the outside... including the ice cream at my store. LOL

    GOOD POST Mandy. Ü


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