January 7, 2010

Share a Blog

PhotobucketHere's the challenge:

Write a post in your blog about a blog that appeals to or inspires you. Comment on this post and link me to YOUR post about the blog. Easy! Happy blog hunting!

This blog is new to me in the last week. I've spent many long hours reading over it and making changes to my blog. I've learned so much about HTML and CSS code. I hope you like the changes I've made. It was hard work at first but now it comes much easier.

So THANK YOU AMANDA at Bloggerbuster! For putting all the hard labor into teaching people for free! I've had a fun time learning from you and I'll be watching your site for new updates.

Some of the changes you might notice:
  • a navigational menu bar  (whoohoo!)
  • a favicon in my address bar instead of the Blogger B
  • fancy ribbons and swirlies next to my post titles and widget titles (sidebar---->)
  • a customized (all by myself) header 
  • 3-column footer
  • widgets that only appear on specific pages


  1. I love the new blog and look forward to seeing what ever other changes you might make! Off to check out your Share a Blog blog. :)

  2. Ah, so that's where you learned all this stuff! Thanks for sharing, I'm marking it for me to look at in my free time. I hate my blog's look...I have no clue and not much time for figuring out something different.


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