September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We joined several other families out at Kerr Lake. There is a fantastic group camping site. The best group site I've ever seen...although the bathhouse needed some tlc.

We spent most of the time cooking, eating, fishing, and swimming. It was great!

The kids were all a bunch of fish! They spent as much time int he water as they could.

We had a great campfire with s'mores and skits.

We even went fishing at night. Matt caught a HUGE catfish! We guessed he was around 4lbs!

When I woke up that morning, Leon and some of our friends were back at their fishing poles, the kids were swimming in the lake, and there was coffee already brewing. I could seriously live happily ever after like this.

We cooked and ate some more great food.

After breakfast the kids packed up their tents and gear, then headed for the water until it was time to leave. They swam back and forth across that gully. It was all they talked about on the way home.


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