September 6, 2011

Sometimes There Just Aren't Enough People In This House

It's evening time (around 6:30) and everyone is multitasking. I'm cleaning the house, cooking dinner, and grading school work. Dinner is already late.

Joshua took a break from his science work and is grating cheese for the enchiladas.

I just finished grading Kelsea's math and she's doing her corrections at the table.

Jeremiah is following me around doing his math. It's best that he works beside me, otherwise he'd just doodle all over the page when he gets stuck on a problem.

Ishmael is upstairs doing his Biology in his room.

Leon isn't home yet.

I get to Joshua's math and he wrote "help me" for his math lesson. Do I:

a) call him over for a break from grating cheese long enough to get the problem straightened out right away - because more than likely we'd forget if we put it off. Dinner is usually late around here anyway, what's another half hour?

b) send someone else to go take care of the cheese so he and I can work on some math one on one. This way dinner actually gets closer to being done. But remember everyone else is also doing something important.

c) leave it until one of us remembers that he didn't understand his math work. Usually this option just frustrates my students who want to move on.

d) get a second job so we can hire a chef and a housekeeper 5 days a week. Dinner would never be late, and the house would always be clean.

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