September 24, 2011

Pacific Rim and a Book Review

This is a sparkling sweet Riesling. JacLynn came over for a short visit. We each took a glass to the back porch and chatted away about school, work, and politics. This was really good wine. It was light and crisp. It had a nice round berry flavor and was mildly sweet. The bubbles made it fun. I can't think of anything I'd pair it with. It was perfect all by itself as a treat.

I will definitely be getting this one again. I finished it off while reading our next book club book.

The Memory Keepers Daughter was okay. I found the style of writing to be very droll. Most of the sentences were too verby (new word I made up just for this book). It seemed that almost every sentence had 3 or more verbs. For instance:

"The streets converged, coming together at odd angles, as the city narrowed to the point where the great rivers met, the Monongahela and the Allegheny, their confluence forming the Ohio, which traveled to Kentucky and beyond before it poured itself into the Mississippi and disappeared."


"This had once been a quiet road, cars audible for miles before they came into sight, and usually it was a familiar face behind the windshield, the car slowing, stopping, and a door swinging open to let him in."

I'm finicky about writing style. There is only so much of the above I can take. Don't get me wrong. Such pensive writing can have it's place in every novel. When a particular method  is over used, it makes the book hard for me to read. My eyes start to skim over the redundancy.

Spoiler alert:

The over all plot was okay. I only sort of sympathized with the father in the story. Mostly I was angry with his arrogance at taking something away from his wife because of his own fears. He was a coward. I think it's a good look at how sad a life can be if we don't own up to our bad decisions despite the possible consequences. As for the wife, they laid all the blame of her promiscuity at the hands of her husband for being so distant. She was still in command of her own decisions. I did like that it wasn't just another story with a feel-good happy ending.


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