September 7, 2011

It's So Hard to Grow Up

Especially when Mom makes you stay inside until all of your school work is done.

Oh, at first it's not so bad. You get up in the morning and work your way through phonics and reading.

But then lunch comes around and you decide to cut loose. You play around, make messes, and then your big sister makes you clean them up. The whole world wants to hold you down.

Finally! 3:00 comes around and it's time to go play outside! But low and behold, you still have math work. Your brothers go out only to come running in to tell you that the cat caught a lizard! Still 8 more problems to go...

A little later Joshua comes running in again to tell you he found a giant frog! It might even be a toad! You have 5 more problems...

One more big lustful sigh and on with your math you go. Very slowly. Growing up is so not fair.


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