September 13, 2011

Unschool Day

I've been thinking a lot about homeschooling philosophies. You see, I don't really hold to any particular style or method of homeschooling.

I've dabbled in Charlotte Mason methods, classical education, traditional methods, and unschooling. I might call myself more eclectic. I most admire the unschoolers. I love how they approach the world and learn from it.  

With me working outside of the home, I have found that we do well with routine and structure. I also like having something measurable to track our school years. For instance, with math I can easily track the concepts they've covered because we use Saxon and it's laid out for me. I don't have to think about it or keep records of what we did.

However, I also believe each of my children dig deeper when they seek information out for themselves. When someone has a specific interest, we go with it.

Today Jeremiah decided to write a book.

Calvin wanted to look at blood and skin cells under the microscope.

Joshua wanted to finish Colonial House.

It was one of those rare days where we explored everyone's interests, and it was enough. 



  1. LOVE those days!!! Sounds like you all had a "recharge" day!

    I wish sometimes my family and friends who don't homeschool would realize what a huge benefit this type of day is for all homeschoolers!! My theory is "Homeschooling is about school at home, it is so much more then that".

  2. Nah, it was more than a recharge day. We really weren't in need of recharging. It was more of a methodical decision to go with the flow.

    I'm really considering incorporating more unschooling principles into our education. Especially for Jeremiah. I don't get anywhere with him when I force feed him his school work.

    But I'm torn...

  3. Great job, Mandy! Sometimes it's hard to let go and just let it flow. We did that a little today too and it was a very nice afternoon for the bigger kids.

  4. Very cool! I wonder how I could do this with Henry, unless playing counts, but that's what he does anyway :/


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