August 26, 2011

Life of Fred: Butterflies

Life of Fred is the new buzz in all my homeschool circles. I took a look at them when I went to my local homeschool store.

Life of Fred is...interesting. The story line is so "out there" that it really does capture the mind of my most imaginative, math-lovin' kid.

The homeschool store was all sold out of the first Life of Fred book: Apples. So we started with what they had: Butterflies. So far I don't think it's mattered too much.

It reminds me a bit of our "hippie unschooling" days. It's learning all wrapped up in a fun make believe story.

Here are some of the lessons from the book:

One Yard = 3 Feet
Numbers that Add to 9
Counting by twos
Reading 5:10 on a Clock
Facts about Butterflies
Chrysalis vs. Cocoon
Parentheses and Brackets
Christina Rossetti
Sheet Music for “But Not Alone”
Domenico Fetti’s Archimedes Thoughtful
Exclamation Points
Bad Things about Sugar
One Good Thing about Sugar
Marvin Stone’s Invention of the Paper Straw 1888
Orion’s Belt
Why Not Every Three Stars Can Make a Triangle
Reading 5:55 on a Clock
Book Signings
Why You Can Not Walk In a Room
Deliberate vs. Inadvertent
How to Say Toenail in German
Ordinal Numbers
Half Past Six
A Nebula is Not a Star
Light Years
The Alphabet Game
A Dozen
P.M. (post meridiem)
Sheet Music for “The Crash of the Bell Tower”
Quotation Marks inside of Quotation Marks
A Baker’s Dozen
Spine of a Book
Lie vs. Lay
Whole Numbers
Cardinal Numbers
Trillion, Quadrillion and Quintillion
States that Begin with the Letter M

Saying Thank You
Virgil’s Aeneid
History of Pizza
How to Set a Table.

So far we are on chapter 5. I think we will definitely continue on with the next book, "Life of Fred: Cats."


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