August 20, 2011

Lemonade Freedom Day

How American can you get than a child's Lemonade stand? It's right up there with apple pie and watermelon.

August 20th was dubbed Lemonade Freedom Day. People across the country took part in the nationwide protest. Sadly many were arrested or tagged with enormous fines for operating a food service business without a permit, license, and proper insurance. 

Participating in free and voluntary trade with willing participants is not a crime.

Forbes Article: Lemonade Freedom Day

Lemonade Freedom Day Blog

I love my small "Mayberry Town". The cops honked and waved. No one approached them or made them "cease and desist." I only wish more people also patronized their small business.

The kids had some good clean fun and learned the timeless lessons in marketing, economy, supply and demand, and that dirty word: entrepreneurship.


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