September 25, 2010

Family Movie Night

Tonight, Me, Kelsea, Joshua, and Jeremiah are going to watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy. That's right. All 3. We are big fans. Ishmael is visiting family, and Leon is away at IOLS training for Boy Scouts.


We like to make Family Movie Night special. We start with dinner and make something fun. Usually it's pizza. Tonight we set up a taco bar.


This is my favorite meal.


We also have a treat and some popcorn while we watch the movie. Sometimes we'll have brownies, or ice cream, tonight we had "movie candy". We take our favorite candies and divvie them up into little cups. I usually cut the Twizzlers in half so they fit. We have gummi bears, gummi soda bottles, and a square of chocolate each.


The "mom reason" for the cups is to cut back on the sugar while making it special for the kids. They get to sit in front of the tv with their treats. Having food in the living room is a big deal around here.

The drinks you see in the picture are actually unsweetened rasberry tea on ice. If you haven't tried this refreshing treat, you need to soon! It's perfect!

What sort of things make family movie night special in your house?


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  1. Did you make it through all three movies?

    I LOVE them, but every time I sit to watch all three, it's just too long. I just can't watch tv for that long or I fall asleep. I have done it in two night s before though haha.

    I'd like to say my problem is that I just watch the extended versions now, officially adding an extra 1.5 hours of movietime, (I have both copies, but they seem a little incomplete the other way haha), but I don't think I can blame this, because I usually fall asleep a few minutes into the second one with MUCH more than 1.5 hours left to go... and the second one is my favourite! (I think... I never can decide for sure)


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