September 3, 2010

Blah Blah Blah - Update on Us

I don't blog much lately, because I'm finding myself a bit uninspired. Mostly we do the same thing everyday. Since going back to work recently, I've been keeping home life as low-key as possible.

I'm still gardening. We are coming to the end of the growing season, that makes me very sad.

The most exciting things going on are in scouts. I'm currently Committee Chair for our pack. I've been having fun with this, and have been working hard to make this the best experience for the boys.

On top of that I'm on the committee for the Boy Scouts. I look forward to all of our boys being in the same troop. It means we will all work together again. I miss us all being in the pack together. Ishmael is having SO much fun as a Boy Scout. It's worth the extra time. I just miss the "togetherness" in scouting. We will never get it back in the same way (Boy Scouts isn't about family the same way Cub Scouts is), but for the most part it will still be a family adventure.

I'll be working full-time hours at a new hotel. It's going to be hard, but we'll get through it and be able to meet some financial goals for our family. The newness of the hotel is exciting, and it's a really nice chain.

I'm very nervous about being able to do it all. Working by night, homeschooling by day: how long can I keep up being "Supermom"? My plan is to come home from work in the morning and get the kids going on their independent work. Then, I'll sleep in the afternoon, finish school in the evenings, dinner, activities, and off to work. The nice thing is, I can take all their assignments with me to work to grade at night. I imagine we'll be eating out a lot more. :P

I'm working all this week to organize our school stuff, declutter the family room, and print off any lessons I'll need for the next month.

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