September 10, 2010


I mentioned in a previous post that I'm reorganizing our home. I'm currently working on all our homeschool stuff. Several months ago we bought these Ikea shelves.


Last week I finally found bins that fit...and they were on clearance at that!

So now I've gone through each shelf and pulled off everything we don't need. I put stuff we don't use often in the bins. The top row is all teacher books, references, and photo albums. I've given one shelf to each child in the second row. (Though I'm considering switching the middle two rows).

On the very top are the kids craft projects they've made in scouts.


The kids used to have a cubby each in the dining room table. But it was just annoying and constantly messy.


Now I store a few supplies and the math teacher books I almost never use anymore.


I'm still working on it. We are in our 10th year of homeschooling and we've accumulated so much STUFF!


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