May 12, 2010

EOG 2010

It's "That" time of year again. Time to sharpen our No. 2 pencils and fill in those bubbles.

My kids are so weird. They love EOG testing. They look forward to it every year.

"It's better than doing normal school work mom! You should just start giving school work to us just like this. With a bubble sheet."




This was Jeremiah's very first year of EOG testing. He did not share the sentiments of his siblings.


He "hates" testing. Poor kids had to learn a valuable life lesson today: "Suck it up, and get it over with."


  1. Haha, I remember I loved bubble sheet testing at that age. I'm not really sure WHY I loved it, bt I did. I aimed to Wow whoever was marking my test by having the neatest coloured bubbles he/she'd ever seen (that was before I realized the tests were stuck into a scantron and marked by machine.... I always did wonder why the marker cared so much about how well we filled in the bubbles, I just figured he/she wanted to awe at our colouring-in-the-lines skill haha)

  2. I'm on Jeremiah's side! DOWN with testing! Lol.


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