October 7, 2009

Wishy Washy Washer-woman

We learned a new camp song for scouts. It's really hilarious to watch the boys sing this song. 

The Wishy Washy Washer-Woman

Waaaaayyyyy DOWN in the valley where nobody goes

There's a wishy washer washing woman washing her clothes...

So this wishy washy washer-woman has a long list of cleaning chores today.

  • vacuum
  • dust
  • sort socks
  • clean bunny cage
  • spray off porch
  • take kids outside with trash bags and pick up litter 
  • go over kids chores with white gloves and a black light...okay not really, but I'll be doing my big inspections on Wednesdays. 
  • clean off bookshelves and look for a missing book that Elijah left here

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