October 26, 2009

October Parent/Teacher Meeting (he-he)

{or otherwise title: Talking To Myself}

Art: It's one of those things I have to gear myself up for. I'm going to focus on art this month.

  • This week penciled self portrait

  • Week 2 still life in cray pas
  • Week 3 landscape in water colors.
  • Week 4 work with acrylic paint outside.
  • Week 5 we'll do a painting using acrylic paint (I'm not brave enough to let them have at the oils)
I'm excited. This will be fun!

History: We're ready to move on from King Arthur.

Math: all but Ishmael have fallen a bit behind. I need to work in some one-on-one time with each kid.

Science:...isn't going so well. I'm going to have to buy a curriculum in January. We will focus on nature studies in the mean time.

Language Arts: going extremely well. All the kids are thriving.

Geography: was set aside for a time. We want to pick it back up this week, we shall see.

Latin: going very well for most. Joshua struggles with the grammar forms and spelling. I'm thinking 4th grade is a bit early for him. He does well with the vocabulary though so for now he'll just plug along. I plan to revisit this book with him again when Jeremiah does it.

Spanish: Jeremiah has a few cd's and workbooks. He's having fun with it. He can carry a light conversation and tell you that we keep the forks in the kitchen. lol

Reading/Literature: The boys are reading through Kenny and the Dragon together. It's a very fun book. They both read 2 chapters and then I read it aloud for Jeremiah.

Jeremiah is working through the Little Bear collection.

Kelsea and I are reading Jane Eyre together.


  1. Mandy - what are y'all using for Art? Do you have a specific curriculum?

    I like your post! :-)

  2. Nope, no curriculum. I'm just going to give assignments and let them have at it. I'll help the older ones adjust their work and give them some tips.

  3. Fantastic. ;-) I think I'm going to look up that Artistic Pursuits or whatever that Melissa uses...


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