August 7, 2008

Staple Boy

So I was minding my own business, cleaning the house, packing away last years school books, when all of a sudden Joshua comes running in the living room, blood poring onto the floor. It was one of those moments where your heart is in your throat and you don't think clearly. I know head wounds are heavy bleeders. That doesn't matter when it's your child's blood all over the place.

Since there was so much blood we couldn't see how bad the wound was. It looked really bad. Much worse than it was. I put a towel on his head, applied pressure, slid my feet into shoes, picked Joshua up, and ran to the truck. All while yelling out orders. I didn't even stop to find out how it happened. I sat in the backseat with Joshua while Leon drove us to the ER. We left the older two in charge until Leon got back. He dropped us off. I was never more thankful to live 2 minutes from the nearest hospital in all my life.

Let me tell you: A mother walking into the ER carrying an 8yo boy with blood all over the two of them, certainly gets everyones attention. Really though, in the car, the bleeding stopped and I realized Joshua didn't have any shoes on so I didn't want him to walk into the nasty ER. Thankfully, the triage nurse was very understanding of the "no-shoes" thing.

So the wound was small but it did require staples. With only two staples the PA explained that we had a choice to give 2 shots to numb the area, or we could just give the two staples. She said in reality it would probably hurt the same. So we opted to go without the shots. Joshua was a true champ. He only cried initially and when it was over he was VERY glad he didn't have to have a shot.

Staple Boy

Okay, here's a shot of his staples. If you are a sensitiveperson you might want to close your tab now.

Staple Boy

Okay so it's not really all that bad. I have a closer shot. Wanna see it?

Staple Boy

What can I say? I have 4 boys. They LIVE for pictures like this. I'm here to please.

Now, who's going to come and help me take those suckers out on Thursday? blech

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  1. Ohhh... OUCH.

    What a man - didn't even need a shot.

    Yeah -- thanks for sharing that close up. LOL


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