August 15, 2008

Happy Princess Pepper is a Girl Day!!!

So with baby bunnies you really have no way of knowing their gender. I think it's when they are 12 weeks old that their gender specific anatomy is apparent.

Today we have officially identified girl parts!!

Hooray for Princess Pepper!! If she were a he we would be calling her Dr. Pepper.

Princess Pepper is a Girl

Princess Pepper is a Girl!

Pepper is a Girl!

Pepper on her first day and now.
You can sorta see how much she's grown. I know we can tell a difference especially in her eyes (they are MUCH bigger). I think this is the biggest she's going to get.

Pepper REALLY HATES the camera.


  1. Hi Mandy - Finally stopping by to see what you have been up to. Looks like fun! Happy Princess Day!

    When are you starting school? We are starting Monday.

  2. YAY for Princess Pepper!! :-D


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