April 8, 2010

Thursday Tips - Pollen Season

Coffee with Me Thursday Tips

The male pine trees are pollinating the females right now. The air with thick with lots of "tree love". When cars drive by the house I can see a cloud of yellow following in their wake.

This is my back deck 30 min after I cleaned it off. I took a friend's advice and used the water hose. The air is hot, sunny, dry, and dusty with this stuff.


It's so super fine. You can see it floating in the air. This picture doesn't do justice to the color. It's a Crayola yellowish-green.

My tip for this fine Thursday is to STAY INSIDE. If you can't stay inside, DON'T BREATHE. If you must breathe, wear what my friend Stephanie lovingly calls the "tree sperm condom". Finally, pray for rain.

Your lungs and throat will thank you.

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  1. Oh my that is just so gross. I'm glad I'm not there right now. My eyes would be killing me!!!

  2. It's really bad here too. Even with allergy meds I'm a sneezin' wheezin' itchin' mess. My kids are having an awful time...even with the rain today, the pollen count is still fairly high. (the "tree sperm condom" cracked me up, I never thought of it that way, lol)


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