April 21, 2010

The Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down

"In rushing rising riv'lets. Till the river crept out of it's bed and crept right into Piglets." Some songs just live with you forever. :D

I love rain. I have loved rain since I was a little girl. Mom would open up the windows in the house and clean. She usually mopped the floors with Pine Sol in those days. The wind would blow through the windows, making the house cool and crisp. The smell of rain would mix with the clean smell of Pine Sol. Sometimes she'd play a record while she cleaned. She always turned the coffee table upside down on the couch. My brother and I would climb into it and pretend it was a boat. Such sweet memories. I clean with Pine Sol to invoke those memories.

So where was I? Oh I love rain. The sound of it is so soothing, most especially when it is thundering and lightening. There is nothing like stormy weather in the middle of the afternoon. I usually just stop and listen to it. Many times I'll go outside and just watch.

That's what I was doing in these pictures.


Just watching the rain soak the world around me, making everything clean.



  1. You have such a good memory! Than was in Mississippi! The rain would really come down there and in the summber I used to let you and Andrew run around the side walk in it.
    What fun we had!

  2. and you guys sailed to many a far off land on that coffee table :)


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