April 21, 2010

Getting Started


Jeremiah made the planter for my marigolds at scouts one night.

He also planted some Zinnias (at least we think that's what they are. All he could remember was that they were flowers and started with a "Z")


Confession Time:

Remember my Garden Babies? Well, I've been so busy, that I neglected them. They all suffered from boredom, depression, and in the end they died of dehydration. We cried great big tears, then went to Walmart and bought some ready to plant toddlers.

However, there was one lone survivor. We have hope that this little guy will not remember the sadness of losing his nursery friends and siblings so he'll grow some nice yummy peppers for us. He's the little pepper plant next to the great big toddler pepper plant.


  1. YAY! I need to take the time to transplant today. I MUST do it. Sigh...


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