April 9, 2010

Friday's Homeschool Feature - Grading

I am a working homeschool mom again. I recently took on a part-time job. This means less down time and I have to keep myself ahead of the kids. I don't have the luxury of playing catch-up.

One of the ways I stay on top of our work load, is grading all their school work the night before. For me this takes a lot of self discipline. The last thing I want to think about at the end of my day is school work. Usually, I grade over my morning coffee during my quiet time.

However, having it done the night before gives me time in the morning to plan or do other things. Sometimes I have to take Leon to work, or someone needs me to sew on a scout patch, or I might have to make several phone calls. My morning time is when I need to be more flexible. If I've left all my grading for the morning, then I might not have time to get to it all.

So I need to grade during a more concrete time of day for me. Just before bed is perfect.

Here I have all the school work laid out for the boys. They simply work through their stack and put it on their bookshelves as they go. Then at night, the Grading Fairy comes along and collects notebooks and workbooks and checks over their progress. Magically their school work is all laid out for them the next morning.

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  1. We are not at a point where I'm grading papers since our girls are young. But it's so good to think through scheduling things like that in on this end!

  2. You're so organized! I'm impressed!!


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