August 13, 2009

Job Hunting

Jeremiah: "Can I go job hunting with Daddy today?"

Me: "Do you need a job?"

Jeremiah: "You have to need a job to go job hunting?"

Me: "Umm yeah? You can't go job hunting with Daddy, but why don't you go get dressed like a business man. Lets see how you do. We'll pretend."

He lit up. Kid loves pretend play. I was expecting something much more entertaining, but he actually turned out well. Normal even.

Job Hunting

He even came downstairs with his own "application".
Job Hunt


  1. What is underneath his hat? I was really hoping for something a little more 'out there,' but that'll do. He's so cute.

  2. He doesn't have anything underneath his hat. That's that part of the hat that normally flips up inside where the brim meets the hat. lol


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