August 4, 2009

Easy Grammar

Easy Grammar is very deserving of it's name. The child starts off memorizing the list of prepositions. He goes on to identify the prepositional phrases and crosses them out of sentences. Then, finding the subjects, verbs, etc. are a piece of cake.

We reinforce this with Daily Grams. This gives them practice in capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech, and sentence combining. They are quick and easy lessons.

Currently I am teaching Joshua and Ishmael from the 5th grade book. I write grammar exercises on the small board.

I write the Daily Grams on the big board that fits over top of the small board.
(My big board has certainly earned it's keep.)

They copy it into their folder. Then we make the corrections together. This saves me so much time.

Kelsea is taking Easy Grammar Plus and Daily Grams (Junior High/Senior High). I really like that Daily Grams has the same pattern in every book. It makes it easy to do this as a class at different levels. Kelsea simply does the pages in her book that coordinate with the 5th grade book. So we are all working on prepositions, capitalization, etc together.

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