March 23, 2011


Or "the keeping of worms".

I turned the bucket upside down and put the lid (also upside down) on top. I drilled through both. Then I did the same thing with my 2nd bucket, only I used the lid that already had holes as a template. This way all of my holes line up. I reserved the lid to the second bucket as my top cover (no holes).

As I fill the bottom bucket with bedding (paper and cardboard) and food (scraps from my kitchen) my worms will work it all into compost. When they've filled the bucket to the lid, I'll start putting food in the top bucket. The worms will migrate through my holes (that I lined up with the bottom of the bucket) and move into the top.

Then I'll remove my lovely compost from the bottom bucket and put it around my plants. Then what was my top bucket will go to the bottom, and we start all over.

That all works well if I don't manage to kill the worms first.



  1. Here's a comment to encourage you to keep blogging!! I love reading what you do even if I don't always respond very well. :) This is very cool! I look forward to hearing how it turns out.

  2. Hi,
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