March 18, 2011

Bunny Condo

Poor Princess Pepper was sadly in need of a larger cage. Since I've been working she's have very little time in her playpen for exercise.

However bunny cages can be very expensive. Especially when you need multiple layers for vertical jumping and room enough to stretch out. I came across this website for the Bunny Condo.

I was intrigued by how simple the supplies were. The plans seemed easy enough. I had no idea just how easy!

Leon and I made our condo in about 2 days. There were several moments of trial and error. My first attempt went exactly by the plans on the website. It was HUGE! Way bigger than anything I needed. I bought 2 large packs of storage cubes. Turns out this set would be more than enough:

I purchased it at Bed Bath and Beyond for about $20.

All of the grids are attached with 8" zip ties. 

This is the cage when we were almost done. We still needed to trim out the bottom (so bunny makes less mess with bunny berries and hay) and add plywood to the top shelf. I used one of the grid squares to make the shelf then I drilled holes into the plywood and attached it to the shelf with zip ties. My bunny weighs less than 3lbs so this was more then enough support.

You can see the door swings open. We also left a top piece hinged so that we can reach in from the top of her cage.

Some other things in the cage with her:

  • litter box (yes she's fully trained)
  • a box to chew
  • a tunnel (larges pvc pipe I could find) 
  • some dangly bells (I usually find nice ones in the bird section of the pet store - just make sure there aren't any plastic pieces that could choke her). She likes to shake them and make them ring.
  • large water bottle (bunnies drink a large amount of water)
  • salt and mineral licks (one of each hung from the top shelf)
  • food bowl
  • plenty of hay (we give her a large handful a day)

Other things I'd like to add/change are a hidey-home and a larger tunnel (she can get through the one I have, but I think a larger one would suit her better.



  1. That is really cute!! I'm super impressed by it. Hope she loves it!!

  2. I just found this post and have to say, the condo looks amazing! I would have never thought to check BB&B for the wire grids but heading there later today to get some for my bun. Thanks for sharing!!


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