March 21, 2011

Herb Bed

So about my herb bed. It's a simple child's sandbox. All my kids have outgrown any use for it. So I drilled drain holes into the bottom. After I filled it with soil, sand, and compost, I marked off where I wanted to plant my seeds.

Here is my rough sketch of what I planted:

In the "dump truck" part of the toy, I again drilled holes and filled it with soil. I picked up a rosemary seedling from the garden center. I'm told Rosemary grows to be quite big, so I expect to need to transplant it into a bigger pot in the future. But for now, I think it makes my herb bed pretty.

The pot is going to be some flowers to hopefully attract the good insects to my garden.



  1. That'll be an attractive box once it's going.

    My children always loved to just touch the herbs when we had a perennial herb garden and smell the rosemary and sage on their hands.

  2. Love it!! I hadn't thought of using an old sand box .. or a pool!


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