March 24, 2011

Common Gray Treefrog

We had a visitor on our back porch this morning. We were moving the deck furniture around to do school outside. We found this guy on the back of one of the chairs.

We love identifying new visitors (poor unlucky sucker that he is). We went to the Frogs and Toads of NC website. It's my favorite because it also has a link to a sound file to listen to all the frog calls.

We put him in a glass jar (no lid) to be able to study his underside. He really didn't like it.

This helped us identify him. The boys identified him as a tree frog by his feet.

He has a yellow/orange color concealed in the folds of his legs.

We decided he was a Common Gray Tree Frog (which are apparently not so common in NC) We've been listening to the frogs in the evenings and couldn't identify the sound. After seeing this little guy and listening to the audio clip, we are sure that's what we've been hearing. We are also located pretty close to the shaded areas on the map.

When we were done with his initial examination, we set him out in the sun to watch his behavior. He has a really cool pattern that looks like his own foot on his back. Also, I'm pretty sure he's giving us the finger.

The pencil is to help gauge his size.

Also of note: when Jeremiah rubbed his back, he shot urine at him. He is definitely flipping us the bird.


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