November 23, 2009

School Week

We've taken a bit of a sabbatical from school. Last week we jumped back in full-swing and it's gone very well.

This week I need to accomplish:


Joshua needs a "math meeting". He's almost done with his book. I have a few things to accomplish with him before graduating him to the next. There are a few concepts he needs to work on, otherwise he's moving along very quickly.

Kelsea and Ishmael both have 2 tests to take this week. The one we missed while we were sick, and the one that is coming up.

History: I've decided to take history one lesson at a time. I need to find us a sewing board to make a new timeline wall. We are in the 2nd quarter of our book and have a very large stack of people that need to be placed.

Science: We've been doing a lot of nature type of science. I would like to get into microbiology a bit with the kids. I might have to wait until the new year though.

Latin: We took some time off and did a lot of review. We went over regular verbs v/s irregular. This week we are ready to move on. The kids are getting really good at spotting derivatives.

Art: So far we have made a landscape, a simple creature drawing (bugs), went over the color wheel and mixed primary colors, and we've created with clay. This week we need to make a self portrait and maybe touch on some graphic design if I can find a good t-square.

Geography: We behind on labeling our map. I need to catch us up on that so we can read the next lesson.


Jeremiah: Still reading Little Bear.

Kelsea: Still working her way through Jane Eyre. We did take a break to read Mrs. Mike. Loved that book. Now it's back to Jane Eyre with the "weird Mr. Rochester" as Kelsea calls him.

Ishmael: is between books right now. He reads anything he can get his hands on, though he prefers non-fiction. His favorite book is The Dangerous Book for Boys. He has practically memorized the book.

Joshua: is reading Henry and the Paper Route.


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