November 2, 2009

Manic Monday

I wish it were Sunday, cause that's my funday.

Latin: We are off to a good start for the week. We took last week off from Latin. This week we will jump back in gear.

I have all the kids set, but Joshua. I need to have another math meeting with him today and review some concepts.

History: We are moving along right nicely. I still need to locate a copy of The Door in the Wall for our History related literature book.

Art: Last week we did some drawing. I did not have them do a self portrait, we just didn't have time. So this week I'll do two art projects with them.

We are just a tad bit off schedule. If we pick our pace back up we can still finish on time.

Spelling: Going great. LOVE Sequential Spelling.

Still the same as last week. Kelsea and I are reading Jany Eyre. Ishmael and Joshua are reading Kenny and the Dragon. Jeremiah is reading The Little Bear Treasury.

Geography: is going quite well.

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