February 14, 2009

14 Things I Love About My Husband

1. He loves our Lord and Savior and is devoted to Him.

2. He is passionate about his beliefs.

3. He is, hands down, THE BEST father in the world.

4. He is always quick to apologize when he is wrong or makes mistakes.

5. He is strong in body.

6. He is strong in spirit.

7. He is a man of prayer.

8. He knows when and where to seek wise council.

9. He is a hard worker.

10. He is tender and loving.

11. He is thoughtful and will pick up little gifts for the people in his life. Not just me, the kids, friends, whoever he thinks about when he's out and about.

12. He has a wonderful sense of humor.

13. He backs me up, even if it means telling me that I was wrong later.

14. He is steady, faithful, and true to his word.

We aren't really stuffed animal people, but every few years Leon will bring me a cute cuddly stuffed animal. I love it when he does!


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