May 30, 2011

Fish Story

Leon had Memorial Day off, so he ran a bunch of errands and took the boys fishing. Kelsea was at Emerald Point with her BFF. I stayed home and slept after a very long 12 hour shift.

Joshua came home, plopped on the couch beside me, and told me very gravely, "Mom, let me tell you the story of how Daddy stole my catfish."

"I threw out Dad's line. I left to get my chair, cause Jeremiah didn't want me sitting in his anymore. When I got back, Dad reeled in my catfish. He stole my fish!"

Haha, apparently there is some feud about just who's catfish it was. Not that it matters. They didn't keep the fish.

But as I was listening to the two of them carry on (good-naturedly) about this occurred to me that this is only just the beginning of all the fish stories to come. I think, with 4 fishermen in the house, I'm in a bit over my head here.

Please send help...or chocolate...preferably chocolate.


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  1. i get all teary-eyed thinking of your kids telling fish stories for years to come. I love it that you all have something everyone enjoys doing together!


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