May 24, 2011


Our very first family camping trip on our own. We are usually so busy camping with scouts that we never have time to camp as a family.We camped once with my parents a long time ago. I think I was pregnant with Joshua.  

It was really a relaxing trip. We played in the sand, swam in the lake, and while the guys fished, Kelsea and I took a nap. :-P

My guys are getting so big!

I'd love to know what these 2 boys were discussing.

Kelsea and I sat down to a mean game of SPIT.

Joshua built and maintained our campfire all by himself. We roasted weenies for dinner and had s'mores for dessert. Jeremiah was camp photographer for a while and took many of these pictures.

And the game went on. It got pretty intense! HA!

That night it stormed. It stormed hard. And it poured down rain. And the frogs! In between storms they sounded like a woman screaming in a horror film. haha! So Jeremiah slept in the tent with his big her request ;-). By morning their tent got flooded and both of them moved to my tent. Crazy night, but man! was it a blast!


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