May 21, 2011

Bikes and a City Hike

Ishmael and Joshua went off with the Boy Scouts to start on their Bicycling Merit Badge.

So I said to Jeremiah, "How about a city hike?" And he said, "okay."

Downtown Durham is definitely improving. Mostly we stayed in the historic Tobacco District.

This was the fountain that never ends. Jeremiah estimated that they used around $2000 worth of water.

He thought the section in the picture below was nice enough for a wedding. There were a lot of lights strung around and the water flowed right through it. He plans to have his wedding there some day. After the nuptials, he's taking his girl to the ballgame. Lucky girl.


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  1. Jeremiah is so romantic! It's a lucky girl that wins his heart one day! I love you Jeremiah!


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