February 20, 2011

Roller Skating

I love roller skating. I have loved it since I got my first pair of skates when I was 9years old. They were white with purple laces. I'd skate around in our garage and play Debbie Gibson. When we moved to North Carolina, my friend Summer and I would go to Skate World almost every weekend. We'd skate from the time they opened, until they kicked us out at closing. 

Joshua is an old pro now, since he earned his Roller Skating Beltloop last summer.

Leon was a speed skater as a kid. I never knew that.

Jeremiah had a really hard time at first.

But then we took his skates back up to the counter and asked the lady to tighten his wheels a little. After that he got the hang of it real quick.

This was Ishmael's first time at the skate rink. He's played on roller blades before, but 4 wheel skates are a tad different. He adjusted very quickly and had a great time.

Of course, half the fun of skating is buying treats at the snack bar.

Kelsea is so stinkin' cute. I want to kiss her. In front of people.


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