September 28, 2009

Science and HST

One of our biggest areas of weakness right now is science. We are doing very well at everything else. I've added our subjects in one at a time and things are going smoothly. Ishmael said to me the other day, "My favorite subject is science, but we never do it." So I'm guilted into doing science now. I've been waiting until I could buy curriculum. However, that might not be until spring at this point. So I chose biology as a subject. I'm going through the online library catalog and I will place a hold on some books and come up with a lesson plan. We'll start with the cell, I think. I have a great book on the anatomy of a cell. A friend shared a REALLY good idea of making a jello mold cell (one in a circle pan and one in a square pan) and adding in fruit for the different parts. We'll get right on that yumminess. Another thing I'm working on is making Homeschool Tracker Plus (HST) more Mandy-friendly. Right now we are still in the "getting to know you" stage of our relationship. I'm constantly rearranging his features...he doesn't like that and will often lose stuff on me. However, he wants to be helpful so if we could find a happy medium it will be a beautiful relationship. Photobucket

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  1. We... er... I am terrible about doing Science myself. I have a book. The kids ask me almost every day. But by the time the school day is over, I'm spent. I just don't want to add something else to the mix, kwim?


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