September 1, 2009

Bucket Garden and the Milkweed Assassins

What our garden looks like today. We plucked all the red peppers yesterday.
Too bad I didn't get a picture then, it was very pretty.

Bucket Garden

We have visitors! These are immature milkweed assassins.
They prey on other insects and are as good for the garden as ladybugs.

Milkweed Assassins

Earlier in the season I mistook them for some strange species of red ants.
I scared them off by giving my garden a good dousing with my home made bug repellent.
Then I came inside and googled them. OOPS! I should have left them alone!
I'm so glad they are back.

Milkweed Assassin

MilkWeed Assassin

Now that we know what they are (and that they have a good purpose) we have had fun watching them.

Milkweed Assassins

They sure are feisty! Go little bugs! Conquer! Kill! Eat!

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