July 21, 2009

Animal Planet at Nana's

We found this oak toad getting ready to devour his dinner.

Trip to Nana's

A giant regal moth.

Trip to Nana's

They were about a foot apart and the toad was not going to take his eyes off his prey. Juicy!



This is what the Baker Truck looks like when a turtle is trying to cross the road.
Trip to Nana's

However, upon inspection, this turtle didn't need much help afterall. He was FAST! and got halfway across the street before we could catch him.
Trip to Nana's

I'm pretty sure he is a river cooter.
Trip to Nana's

He tried to bite Ishmael.
Trip to Nana's


Then we found this pretty little ebony jewelwing damselfly.
Trip to Nana's


The kids and I had fun looking up all these species. Gotta love modern conveniences!

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  1. We had a few turtles that came into our yard and such at the house in Havelock. The kids were so excited! We have yet to spot one here in Jax though. Sigh.


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