February 29, 2012

Rainy School Day

Today was one of those dark, dreary, rainy days. Normally it would be a day that we take slow, work on our daily lessons, and maybe have an afternoon nap. Not today. Today we were too busy.

We worked on our new history curriculum from Heritage History. We are focusing on Ireland for the next two weeks. We also read some Irish folk tales.

The kids have been taking turns reading aloud from Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25. It's a very fun read about a kid with mutant powers.

My friend, Donna, sent me a message to let me know my baby was read for adoption. I told the kids I was off to pick up a baby scoby and left them to ponder the mystery of it all.

When I pulled into the driveway the kids met me outside. Jeremiah asked me, "So, where's the leach?" Leach? Ishmael said, "Yeah, that gel-looking thing." HUH? "That slimy thing in liquid."

My attempt to surprise (read: shock and awe) my kids appeared to have been squashed by a google search.

I had dinner ready by 3:00pm and made a very large batch of granola. I decided at the last minute to bake a Hershey's chocolate cake from scratch.

*I have to take a moment to brag on this cake. It was THE best chocolate cake I have ever had. Perfectly moist and rich in chocolate. Very sweet, but it was perfectly cut with some vanilla ice cream. It was very easy to make.

After we were done in the kitchen we pulled out the microscope and completed some labs for fun.

Today did not go as planned, I wanted to work on my garden. It was amazingly productive just the same. We spent the last part of our day watching Courageous together. I wish every other day could be like today.



  1. Henry was excited to see the "baby" at it's new home but he was MORE excited to see the cake. Today you made kombucha - tomorrow we're making cake :)

  2. Do you like Heritage History? You are the only person I know who is using it. I am thinking about it for British History.

    Beth in Asia (HK)

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