February 24, 2012

Spring Plans

I've been so busy blogging over at the Zombie site that I've not had it in me to keep up with my own personal blog.

I'm at work tonight. I'm writing out lists of all the things I want to do around the house and outside. Spring is coming!

I want to get started with some of my early planting. I think I'll make some milk jug greenhouses like this one from The Baker's Garden.

I'm going to do lots of tomatoes! I plan to can can can.

I just finished building this table out of used pallets. I'm so pleased with it, that I'm ready to try more projects using wood pallets. 

I think I might build a planter like this one from Life on the Balcony. It will liven up my front porch.

And I think my cat will have a hard time napping it to death, like he did my poor strawberry plants (yes that punk eventually killed the one in the other planter too).

This bench looks super easy. I bet I can get my mom to help make a few pillows. Maybe she'll barter for some knit goods (hint hint Mom!). A few of these will look great on the back deck.


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